This workshop is for secondary or postsecondary teachers, counselors, career coaches, or others supporting students in career exploration. You will learn how to partner with students to explore a variety of career pathways, including those nontraditional by gender. Your students will benefit by gaining fresh perspectives on career options, enhanced decision-making skills, and increased confidence. 

In this two-hour workshop, participants will:

  • Discover how to coach students in career exploration
  • Increase self and student awareness of nontraditional career options, including STEM
  • Empower students to base career choice on factors including interests and skills, not gender stereotypes

Participants will walk away with tips, tools, and strategies to coach students on career exploration and expand student awareness of diverse career options. 

This workshop can be delivered in-person or via Skype, For more information on this workshop and others, email or call Joan at 715.808.0344.

​​Coaching Students in Career Exploration and Expanding Awareness of Nontraditional Careers


Gender Tune-Up: Shifting Nontraditional Enrollment & Retention into High Gear

Workshops to Increase Gender Diversity in the Classroom

Do you want to increase gender diversity in your CTE and STEM classes or programs? Joan Runnheim Olson presents workshops, webinars, break-out sessions, etc. to faculty and staff where she shares best practices designed to increase enrollment of students in CTE classes and programs at the secondary and post-secondary level. She also shares best practices designed to promote a more inclusive learning environment leading to increased student retention. 

This unique workshop is designed for secondary and post-secondary CTE educators, counselors, advisors, support services staff, career services staff, and others. Participants are involved with a highly-interactive format, utilizing presentations, self-assessments, case studies, and other small and large group activities to:

  • Examine how gender equity issues relate to career decision-making - and what you can do to even the balance.
  • Use self-studies to assess yourself, your classroom, and your school for gender equity - and learn some "easy" fixes."
  • Take-away strategies to immediately increase enrollments and retention in nontraditional classes and programs in accordance with Perkins guidelines.

Recent workshop participants reported an:

  • 89% overall increase in knowledge of strategies to increase nontraditional enrollment
  • 81% overall increase in knowledge of strategies to increase nontraditional retention

This workshop can be customized and delivered as a two-hour to half-day workshop, breakout session, or webinar. Review Joan's bio here. If you would like a proposal, email or call 715.808.0344.